Assessment Policy

Purpose of Assessment Policy

Rand International School uses multiple assessments administered over time to measure students performance. Our purpose of assessing young children is to collect information necessary to make important decisions about their developmental and educational needs. Our assessment is an ongoing process that always enhances opportunities for optimal growth, development and learning. The process of determining individual developmental and educational needs tailors early childhood education practices and provides a template for setting individual and program goals.

Our school Assessment System is:

  • Grounded in research
  • Based on studies of reliability and validity
  •  Aligned with the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for English Language Arts, and Math and Next Generation Science Standards Performance Expectation and Disciplinary Core Ideas(NGSS)
  •  Easy to manage

School assessment is administered over time. We have formative and summative assessments that obviously show the academic progress of the students throughout the year.

Continuous assessment provides insights into students’ understanding, knowledge, skills and attitudes. It is also a means of exploring the learning styles and individual differences of the students in order to differentiate instruction.

The formative and the summative assessment ensures student progress in each of the 5 PYP essential elements in all subject areas.

  •  Understanding of concepts (essential understanding)
  •  Acquisition of knowledge (factual)
  • Mastering of skills (proficiencies, abilities, dexterities, transferable)
  • Development of positive attitudes
  • Decision to take responsible action. education practices and provides a template for setting individual and program goals.

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