About Us

About us


Provide a caring, safe and warm learning environment with rich curricular and co-curricular programs that stimulate curiosity, freedom of expression, intercultural understanding and life-long learning.


Create a supportive learning community for open-mindedness and life-long learning.


“We are Life Long Learners.”

School Philosophy

A commitment to improve the teaching and learning in the school community by delivering rich, high quality program of international education that shares a powerful vision and develops the intellectual, personal, emotional and social skills needed to live, learn and work in a rapidly globalizing world.

We encourage curiosity and learn through inquiry in a stimulating environment. We engage our community of learners’ in realizing their potentials and growing their knowledge and skills.

We understand and appreciate our own cultures and personal histories, and are open to the perspectives, values and traditions of other individuals and communities. We support the intercultural understanding and respect different views of others.

About our Journey

Rand school is divided into three sections: Rand international KG, Rand International Primary and Rand Alhalyia Primary. These categorization is based on language focused and grade level. The school is licensed by the Ministry of Education. 

Rand school was initially founded as Rand International in 2006 in the city of Qatif. In its first two years, the school had functioned as simply kindergarten in a small building. It started with 75 kids and jumped quickly to nearly 140 kids in the second year with reaching its maximum capacity. Rand Ahalyia section was added in 2011 to offer more Arabic focused curriculum that was required by very important segment of the population.

The growing demand for English focused primary curriculum offered the incentive to the owner to seize an opportunity of renting a huge building in the city of Saihat formerly commercial shopping center which is approximately 5 miles away from the first school building. The mall was abandoned for a number of years due to its financial bankruptcy. A great effort and large investment were required to transform the place into a school complex. Constructions, renovations and maintenance have continued throughout the years to reshape the current school building.

Today, the total number of Rand Schools approximately 1800 students, of which about 520 students are in kindergarten and 800 are in English focused curriculum and 520 are in Arabic focused curriculum.

Rand schools have developed rapidly over the years in terms of educational quality and learning environment as started to attract very large number of parents from both surrounding both Qatif and Dammam districts.

In the initial two years, the English focused curriculum functioned as mixed-gender school and was dominated by non-Saudis since there was restriction on Saudis to get into International primary school. In contrast, Kindergarten has been dominated from the start by Saudis since there was flexibility for Saudis to get enrolled without government restrictions.

In 2012, our international primary school has become predominantly Saudis as we have obtained the official permit from the Ministry of Education to accept direct Saudi enrollment with meeting the requirements. This development has resulted in large Saudi enrollments especially in Grade One. The abolishment of grade four to grade seven for boys led to loss of large number of students, but this was being compensated by greater number with the inflow of Saudis. Saudis in Grades have been transformed over the years from a small minority into the vast majority.

The rise of Rand schools over a short period of time within the region has not come from vacuum. We were aware from the start that upgrading learning environment and promoting self-learning are not easy tasks but it can not be achieved without effective utilization of resources, continuous improvement and leadership commitment. Almost all our current leadership has risen up from within the school staff based on their personal traits, cognitive skills and commitment to professionalism. The school policy has always given the priority to distinguished school teachers and staff to move up to the management level which reflected the space for upward mobility.

Our endeavors have paid back by having an academic accreditation for quality in education from the AdvancED and being currently an IB candidate school (International Baccalaureate ). Both AdvanED and IB have been supporting our school to improve in all aspects with respect to leadership capacity, resources capacity, collaborative culture, integrated curriculum, intercultural understanding and life-long learning. The learning journey is endless and every year Rand School is exerting greater efforts to continuous improvement. We are reaching the moment where we are heading toward constructing a new school complex that include all levels from K to 12 for boys and girls.


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What is the regular class size?

The class size is about 23 students. 


Fast Facts

  • 90% of Saudization in the international section staff and 100% in privet section staff.
  • Categorized as a level A school according to the Ministry of Education Standards.
  • Selected as one of the best five KFS IB Project Schools in KSA.
  • Awarded with the place in Abdulla Al Matrood Prize for Educational Innovation.

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