Student Support Services

To support the students’ learning,

students need access to well-maintained technology. Safety for students, staff and school visitors are the focus of campus police officers. Through the efforts of a host of of professional educators and support staff, schools create learning environments that best enables teachers to teach and students to learn.
  • Cognitive Program:

Cognitive skills are enhanced by conducting regular competitions spelling bee contests, recitations, science fair.

  • Safety Program:

Emergency exits, school maps and emergency procedures are available for the students who are train on emergency procedures throughout the year.

  • Medical Program:

School has first aid facilities to oversee general health and hygiene; also school has nursing room that well equipped  and managed by a licensed well experienced nurse. It also supports activities like regular dental checkups by the dentist, first aid session, personal hygiene session.

  • Healthy Food Service:
  1. K.G custodians distribute a pie and juice or milk to the children daily. Mothers are free to provide their children with a packed lunch including a healthy snack.
  2. Canteen facility, available for the grades section students and the staff, sells healthy snack.
  3. Candy and sodas are not allowed as part of students` snack. Milk and juice are preferred beverages. We suggest a packed lunch including a fruit, sandwich, raw vegetables, milk, yogurt, juice or water.
  • Bus Services:

 The school doesn`t own its fleet, yet it has a contract with A`ahad al- Wafa`a School Transportation Company. Each bus has a monitor to secure safety.

  • Counseling:

The counselors are available to provide students with information and listen to their issues and provide student guidance. Assist students during the school day. Students can meet with the counselor either before or after school or during recess. All matters brought to the counselor’s office are considered confidential and will be handled discreetly. Students are encouraged to utilize the counseling services when needed

  • Field Trip and Other Extra-curricular Activities:
  1. Field trips are organized three times annually for grades section and five times for K.G. section including educational tours.
  2. Some excursions were planned to emphasize some lessons like neighbor excursions or visit to a bakery and milk factory for lower grades and K.G.
  3. Celebrating important days (Earth Day, Mothers Day..etc).
  • After School Social Gatherings:

The School provides and sponsors some lectures about children growth and other topics presented by children growth experts and consultants to the parents and community members.

  • Staff Vocational and Training Support Services:

To persuade educators that the most promising strategy for meeting the challenge of helping all students learn at high levels is to develop their capacity to function.

  1. School Workshops and seminars have been conducted at the beginning of every school year and in regular basis.
  2. PLCS: School implement a collaborative culture with a focus on learning for all through Professional Learning Communities.
  3. Attending conferences like TARA and Teacher Professional Development Days.
  4. School conducts an annual survey for teachers twice a year .
  5. Measure their recommendations and suggestions.
  • Staff Meeting:

We make periodic meeting for our staff to discuss school improvement plan.


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