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04 Apr, 2018
Grades - Vocabulary Parade

Grades - Vocabulary Parade

  • 03:00 AM - 03:00 AM


Dear Parents,

Vocabulary parades have become a popular event at schools around the country. It all began with the fabulously creative picture book, Miss Alaineus, A Vocabulary Disaster, a story that celebrates words and definitions. Vocabulary parades are a wonderful way to celebrate our love of words and reading. It also provides a fun and academic focus for dressing up in creative homemade costumes.

Rand International School will be holding its first Vocabulary Parade this year on the Wednesday 4th of April, 2018.

How do we get ready?

1.Plan Think of a “juicy” word that would have an interesting costume design. Think about unusual words that others may not already know. Look at the pictures attached for ideas.

2. Create You can recycle all sorts of items around your home to make a creative homemade costume: boxes, poster-board, hats, paper bags, fabric,tin foil, etc.


3.Make a Vocabulary Card/Label Remember to make a large cardor sign with your vocabulary word on it, so we’ll know which word you represent in the parade. You can carry the word, make a headband or hat, or have it as part of your costume. 4. Come Prepared Bring your costume to school with you. Make sure you can put on your costume by yourself, and that you have all of the parts. Please wear it over clothes so that you can change easily. For inspiration in creating your costume, there are lots of great ideas online.


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