Communication Policy


The Goal of this plan is to raise public confidence in Rand International School and to assure an effective communication network among all stakeholders by educating key audiences with the following:

  • An improvement plan for the service provided is in place
  • Increased team work in the school where Collaborative Learning Communities meet and plan instructional strategies for better student achievement
  • Improved school system with measurable outcomes where all stakeholders are aware of the school procedures


➢ School board of directors                       ➢ Leadership team                             ➢ Administrative staff 

➢ Teaching staff                                           ➢ Support staff                                    ➢ Parents

➢ Students                                                    ➢ Accreditation establishments        ➢ Governmental agencies   

➢ Media                                                         ➢ General Public 

Positioning Strategies

  • Rand International School System is successfully working to improve the quality of education in Saudi Arabia.
  • The school board is a responsible body working hard to improve the education system in the community.
  • The school system is listening to the community and to key stakeholders.
  • The School  leadership is knowledgeable about the key issues facing education today and keep themselves up-to-date with the International educational theories.
  • The school board members are compassionate regarding the fair treatment of system employees.

School board of directors / Leadership team / Administrative staff:

 Handbooks, Newsletters, PowerPoint presentations and Meetings are the communication means of this group of school stakeholders.


Staff handbooks, Memos, Training from leadership team, Email messages, Annual meetings and  PLCs shape the communication means with teaching staff.   


Website, Weekly plans, Newsletters, Weekly communication log, Class dojo / Seasaw, Report-cards, Parent meetings, Parent committees , School events and other forms of communication are in place to keep parents informed about the school system.

 The goal is to try and better engage parents in the school system. For the system's most successful schools, public credit should be given to the parents who are involved.

Support staff:

Periodic meetings with support staff are in place to insure that the system policies and procedures are been followed.


Morning announcements during assembly time, Student reflection sheet for everyday student- teacher communication, Website and Weekly plans are the ways we communicate with our students.

Accreditation establishments:

School account, email and visits are the two-way communication between the school and the accreditation agencies; AdvancED and International Baccalaureate. As our school is AdvancED accredited and IB candidate, we are in the continuous improvement process by following up the policies and procedure of these non-profit establishments.  

Governmental agencies:

School account is the way of communication with the governmental agencies such as Ministry Of Education, Ministry of Civil Defense, Ministry of Health and Labor Office. Emails and visits are also the two-way communication with these agencies to insure that our system of instructions is official.


Meetings with the Media - Personal meetings will be scheduled with key media individuals to introduce the work that the school has been engaged in and to ask for assistance in getting the word out to our community about the positive events taking place in Rand International School. Targeted for these meetings will be councilors, IT staff and other administrative staff members.

 General Public:

Different community association

About Rand

At Rand International school we aim to give every child the very best start possible to their education through vibrant and engaging teaching, enabling the children to become active learners and by using an exciting, broad and balanced curriculum.

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