School Facilities


  • Sport versatile equipment
  • Art Room
    Art Room
  • Cmputer lab
    Computer lab
  • Library Room
  • Playgrounds
  • Science laboratory
    Science laboratory

  • The school facilitates spacious, well-lighted and ventilated rooms fully equipped with appropriate furniture for the age group of young children they serve.
  • The school has a well-organized learning resources room with projector, computers, internet access, learning materials and tools.
  • The school also provides the facility of a well-equipped science laboratory designed by lab specialist and has all safety requirements.
  • A library for each section with collection of books.
  • The sports activities are carried out in spacious playgrounds: two outdoor and one indoor playground in KG section. In grades section, we have one indoor and one outdoor playground.
  • The school also provides art room for each section that is well supplied with tools and materials for the activities that focus on the development of Gross and Fine motor skills of our Early learners

Classrooms as a learning service


Classrooms are spacious, well-organized, fully equipped with closets, comfortable chairs with desks well arranged, white boards, shelves for a variety of manipulative, bulletin boards, a supply of stationary for students, projector, smart board, sound system, computers with internet access and physical and virtual libraries.


About Rand

At Rand International school we aim to give every child the very best start possible to their education through vibrant and engaging teaching, enabling the children to become active learners and by using an exciting, broad and balanced curriculum.

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